The Stay in the Vault of the Gods

The adventure begins with down time. The party rests, as Vyse crafts items of wonderous power for his compatriots using the mutable nature of the vault. The three guardians depart, one by one, leaving the party to their own devices.

Towards the end of their stay, once their items were done, the party asks Gilrasha to summon one of the vault’s creatures, to take it’s right to time travel. Gilrasha brings out a mad elder titan, so deranged and senile that it has become useless to the gods. A one sided battle ensues, where the mad giant was subdued by Tharivol and slaughtered by chainsaw, lightning, fist, and fire.

Once dead, the source of his madness was revealed to be a parasitic insect that had taken residence in his spine. Tharivol kills it, enabling the party to touch the corpse of the giant and absorb it’s power to travel time.



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