Alton Bushwaggler

Rougey god fellow


Alton Bushwaggler, a halfling coming from a humble background (mostly), began his career adventuring and became a hero of the people about 500 years before the current Ier setting. He had innumerable adventures saving towns and helping people in a Robin Hood/Crockett-esque fashion. He made many friends, such as the black orc ___. His eventual downfall came defending the greatest city of his time, ___, from a enormous army of paragon Vrocks, which he was able to take out enough of for the town to be saved. This, however, would not be the end of his travels through the mortal world.

In an ancient looking ritual room, Alton wakes up in a cold sweat, surrounded by (presumably) men in red robes with hoods covering their faces. They tell him he has been brought back from the other side of existence for he is needed again. They then leave the room, as Alton is far too disoriented to react. He wanders out of the chamber, and finds himself in a city. He starts to regain his wits and hides, observing that around him. In this time, he is able to figure out that he is no longer in the world that he left. He creates for himself a disguise and goes about the area trying to find out what has happened to him. He later returns to the room of his resurrection to find nothing but a normal home. Alton, unsure of himself and what his role should be in this world now so strange to him, decides that he should be the hero of the people that he was back in his day, and chooses to target an enemy from his day that he most believes to be still active: Pazuzu, Demon Prince and Lord of the Vrocks.

Alton Bushwaggler

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