The Nature of Ier

A Brief History of Ier

In the beginning, and throughout all that went before, there existed two forces. They could be called positivity and negativity, light and dark, black and white, but modern sages of Ier know them as the Forces of Genesis. These “beings” of infinity clashed, defining and simultaneously negating their counterpart’s creations as quickly as they could be replaced. From their struggles, worlds, concepts, and entire facets of existence were simultaneously formed and annihilated, again and again. Everything existed and nothing existed. And then came the Advocates.

By chance, the Forces of Genesis created fourteen beings. These children of the Forces possessed only a fraction of their creators’ power, each embodying only a single aspect of that current universe. But it was enough to stop the cycle. Instead of allowing themselves to be swept away by the Force’s cascade of recreation, they cried out in one voice, and solidified their existence. And the multiverse was born.

The Advocates were the multiverse. Everything in it, from pieces of tangible matter to conceptual possibilities, were parts of them, as cells are to a living creature. But this realm-body of theirs was hollow and empty. So to further themselves, they began to create. Being harmonious siblings, they worked in unison, weaving parts of themselves together to create entire worlds. Their initial creations were simple, small worlds of uniform features and simple themes. But as the Advocates created, they grew. Their creations became larger, grander. Finally leading the to forging of Ier.

The Metaphysics of Ier

(This page will eventually be split into subcatagories, it is currently being used to describe the fundamental ways that Ier works as a plane of existance).

The Nature of Ier

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